CUNY Week 12 – How I Remember I Was There

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Do you keep a box of your old ‘stuff’ somewhere? What’s in it? Why did you put it in that box? How often do you look through it and reminisce? I keep quite a bit of stuff tucked under a table in my office – old artwork, ephemera from my past including paychecks from jobs and even notes passed in high school. Why keep a personal archive like this?

I tend to rummage through these pieces of my past a few times a year, and usually it’s prompted by a new project idea or a ds106 assignment I’m trying to complete. Recently I digitized a small collection of 90s band posters that are interesting to me and tried to give them some context. I was able to find digital traces of all the bands, examples of their music, and even a video recorded back in the 90s.

It’s so amazing to me how these digital artifacts exist out there and can be discovered and recombined into something new. But these digital ephemera will not all likely last and the Myspace playlist of these bands is surely to go dark at some point (I don’t see them surviving the next ten years). So what to do with our personal digital archives? Leave them to a social network like Facebook from which there is no easy export for backup?

I want you to watch Jim Groom’s talk about digital archives and their impact on the self and culture.


Make a reflection blog post and talk about your digital self and what you do to archive it. Is it important to you? Why or why not? Will you maintain your blog (and services like Twitter, Flickr, and Youtube) after the end of the semester to support your archiving? Why or why not? Tag this post ‘ds106archives’ (no quotes).

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Over the last three weeks of class you will be working on a final ds106 project of your choice. I want you to think about assignments and daily create activities you’ve worked on and likely expand on one of those for your final project. But if you have something else completely in mind, you can pitch that as well.

To get started, this week you need to make a blog post pitching what your final project will be. Include a description of what you plan to make and link to any relevant posts and work that informs your choice. Tag this post ‘ds106finalprojectpitch’ (no quotes).


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