CUNY Weeks 9-10: Video Assignments, They’re Here…

Last week we got off to a good start with an in class video assignment to create a five second video of one archetype from five different films. I went on to turn this into an assignment for ds106 and it’s been cool to see it completed by a number of students outside of CUNY. Below are some of my favorites so far:


Five Femme Fatales


High School Bullies

We’re to continue video assignments for this week and through the break. Look the the ds106 assignment page for additional details and resources, but our class specifics are as follows:

You are to do a total of 25 stars worth of video assignments by the end of spring break. You’ve started a number of assignments and planned others so now’s the time to complete them. These are the must do assignments:

  • Finish your five archetype video mash-up if you haven’t yet.
  • You should complete the two assignments you planned on from week 8.
  • Also you did a write up analysis of one movie’s three scenes in week 8 as well, now you are turn that analysis into a video essay for one of your video assignments.

See everyone in class today where we are going to do a quick five minute conference to discuss your progress on your blog. Spring Break starts this Friday, but the lab will be open for the entire week, so please come in and get help if you need it!







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  1. Stephanie Avatar

    Wow, all those are really good examples of the video works we all did!