Color Your Monster Manual – Dragons Edition

cc licensed ( BY ) flickr photo shared by Michael Branson Smith

So Advanced Dungeons and Dragons Monster Manual madness continues in my home. We continue to choose monsters to blow up and color from the amazing Advanced D&D Monster Manual. Recently my kids have been more interested in hearing the backstory for each monster, and dragons have become the most interesting.

Every D&D dragon is colored, the ‘evil’ dragons tend to be primary colored and the ‘good’ dragons are of the lustrus metals. But my daughter has decided to make them all pink (ok that’s because it’s the only marker that hasn’t completely dried out, really).

Download this latest Color Your Monster Manual – Dragons Edition, which is a follow-up to the 1st edition of Advanced DS106 Color Your Monster Manual.

The Dragons are presented in the book in the same order of the Monster Manual.

Black Dragon
Blue Dragon
Brass Dragon
Bronze Dragon
Chromatic Dragon
Copper Dragon
Gold Dragon
Green Dragon
Platinum Dragon
Red Dragon
Silver Dragon
White Dragon


    1. I’d love to see some of the results. It’s been a lot of fun with my two, we often spend a lot of time just reading all the descriptions and abilities of the different monsters. Next up is the demons and devils edition.

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