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I’ll Gladly Pay You Tuesday…

I'll Gladly Pay You Tuesday...For a Hamburger Today…

I’m enjoying CogDog’s No English Translation ds106 assignment. This time I drew “zalatwic,” which CogDog’s tool gave my this:

Zalatwic is a Polish term which, in one aspect does have a similar term in English (to do a cash job), but the Polish term means far more and is much more subtle. Zalatwic is the use of friends, bribes, personal charm or connections to get something done.

Popeye’s good friend Wimpy immediately came to mind as an archetype zalatwic. He’s the real deal hustler, getting exactly what he wants with just enough guile. Here are two strips that exemplify his abilities as a cadger.

As well as this great Popeye episode, “Wimpy the Moocher.”


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They are pretty big images embedded from other blogs, but they need to be big if you want to actually be able to read them. I should probably change them to links, thanks for letting me know.

I agree with Sandy, using Wimpy for this assignment is inspired. I love all things pop culture, and whenever you can bend an assignment back into the art of pushing fair use and copyright to the limits, it is a success 🙂 You are en fuego as of late, you;re animated comic book cover is jaw dropping.

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