She’s a Witch!


I’ve seen a few of Alan’s Words with No English Translation ds106 posts and decided to jump in the “lost in translation” fun. I drew the random word, “Biritululo.” Which apparently best translates as,

“What do you normally do when you have a dispute? Do you talk things over? Go to court? Well, in New Guinea, to settle disputes, the people rely on biritululo. Biritululo is the act of comparing yams (and I am hoping that is meant in the literal sense) to settle a dispute”

This reminded me of the many nonsensical tests that were used to determine whether or not one was a witch. My favorite test is the well know, if you float your a witch (burn her!) and if you don’t your innocent (and drown). Lose, lose.

Here’s a lovely Monty Python skit from the Holy Grail which revisits the “She’s a Witch!” theme.


The image is a CC licensed witch by miss pink 26. I did a little recoloring work in Photoshop and added, “Biritulio” using Old London font from DaFont.


  1. I love how you didn’t make this literal. I also love that Monty Python sketch too, so this is really a double win. I will refrain from commenting on yams.

  2. I won’t refrain from commenting on yams. I don’t’ believe it for a minute. I think MBS is spinning a yarn once again. Or maybe it is yarns that are supposed to be compared to settle a dispute.

    On what sort of basis are the good people of New Guinea supposed to compare their yams? Size, flavor, shape, windspeed? I mean such a game is ripe for rigging.

    Moving on from yams or yarns, just want to say this is another great contribution to a pretty cool assignment. It’s’ cool to be leaving 2011 behind with such happy happenings as doing ds106 assignments and getting feedbacks from all over the world.

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