New York Rock City


Grant Potter, Mikhail Gershovich, GNA Garcia, Jim Groom on their tour through NYC Fall 2011.

Inspired by Grant’s amazing retrospective of his tour of NYC last night on DS106 Radio, I decided the NYC Jam deserved it’s own album cover. This is my second album cover mashup made in response to Jim Groom adding a DS106 “Remix an Album Cover” mashup assignment a couple days ago after seeing the “Chronic Youth” cover discovered by Mikhail.

It’s nine o’clock, the radio’s the only light!

*Update – I just realized this should also fall under the superhero – super villain your friends design assignment. So I’ve added tags to have this post appear in that stream as well. Grant, Mikhail, GNA and Jim you are all my superheroes!


6 responses to “New York Rock City”

  1. Giulia Avatar

    Michael, you rock. REALLY ROCK!

    Grant’s NYC show last night was pure genius. It was really great listening, as you know, it was bubbling with fascinating auditory sensations: ambient sounds of trains, music, conversations. It was like being there, but with extra editorial context.

    Then, real magic happens. The spark from inspirational audio ignites, inspires and motivates visual art like this.

    Clever and well done. Just Brilliant!

  2. Jim grom Avatar

    I think this might be one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen on the internet. It captures the magic of ds106 brilliantly. You are a master!

    1. mbransons Avatar

      I always wanted to wanted a pair of demon boots, to play games of Adv. D&D.

  3. Ben Harwood Avatar
    Ben Harwood

    This is a gift of the gods.

    1. mbransons Avatar

      They are gods aren’t they?

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