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DS106 Radio Is The Thriller!

DS106 Radio Is The Thriller
{link url=""}DS106 Radio is the Thriller{/link} cc licensed in flickr by {link url=""}Michael Branson Smith{/link}

Preparing for the Monday’s Halloween themed ds106radio event, “The Horrors of Education,” I created this Vincent Priced themed ds106 radio bumper sticker and bumper. Looking forward to here your most scary experiences in education, as well as any other spooky stuff you can think of.


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DS106 Radio Is The Thriller

I edited this bumper in Audacity using the dry voice recording of Vincent Price posted on Youtube from his session for Michael Jackson’s Thriller. I was searching for Vincent Price audio and when I found this, I just couldn’t believe I found him saying “Can you dig it!” It’s like he made it knowing ds106radio would need this sound on tape some day.

I also added two sound effects found on

rbh thunder storm.wav by RHumphries
suonho_ScaryScape_01.wav by suonho

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Can you believe I found Vincent Price saying “Can You Dig it?!” Session should be fun. I’m going to put my students on the spot to tell stories, and hopefully they’ll dig the “gripe” theme. Working on an outfit…need a worst professor ever costume.

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