Stranded by Solar Storm

@JimGroom tweeted about a great writing assignment for #ds106 this morning which asks you to write your worst first sentence to a novel. The idea comes from the Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest which ds106 alum Andrew Allingham entered and wrote about in his blog. I decided there was no reason to wait for the next section of ds106 to try this out and wrote what is hopefully a wonderfully awful opening sentence for a science fiction (with a bit of romance) novel. And since there no reason not to, I created a piece of cover art as well.

As a three-horned Crotilian, sucked out the last bit of my soul through a neatly tunneled orifice in my left calf muscle – using two digits, knuckles down – I replayed the events of the past two Froardan moons’ cycle, which had moved 250x faster due to an unexplained temporal phenomena, and hoped any essence of my time stranded with Mckay in Node 3 of Serenity Station might remain.

Image Credit – Sweetie187 on Flickr




One response to “Stranded by Solar Storm”

  1. aallingh Avatar

    Ha, this is awful, but in a good way. I’m glad I could inspire you. Definitely love the added cover art.