The Robin Hood Bunch

I was inspired this morning by Lou McGill’s post which included animated GIFs of three close-ups from the final shoot-out in The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly. Seeing the animated faces of Clint Eastwood, Lee Van Cleef, and Eli Wallach on a single webpage made my think of the Brady Bunch Opening with the nine family faces (you have to include Alice). And I thought, now wouldn’t that make a great animated GIF movie poster, placing major characters in the nine boxes.

I decided to use the 1938 swashbucking classic The Adventures of Robin Hood for this experiment for two reasons – one I love the melodramatic faces made in this film and second I happened to have the film on my computer (not sure what that says about me).


It was a bit laborious to build, using Final Cut Pro’s layers to place all the characters together and Photoshop to export the movie as a GIF. I chose Little John, Will Scarlet, and Friar Tuck to represent Robin Hood’s family. And for Prince John, I used Maid Marian (looking over to Robin Hood of course), Sir Guy of Gisbourne, and the Sheriff of Nottingham. I felt it was appropriate for King Richard to play the role of Alice, given  he’s glue that keeps all the disfunction happening.

It would be a lot of fun to match the original Brady Bunch show intro and write a new song for all these men in tights, but I’m not up to that this morning and will need someone to help with the musical accompaniment!


  1. This is really INSPIRED Michael – I love it –
    How about this for some lyrics??!!

    It’s the story of a man named Robin
    Who was busy with some very lovely lads
    All of them with skills so bold,
    Like their leader
    The youngest one too fat

    It’s the story, of the duke of Nottingham
    Who was evil and just rotten to the core
    He would take stuff from the poor
    ‘Til it hurt them
    He had a lot to learn

    Then the one day when old robin met the duke
    And they knew that it was much more than a hunch
    That this Duke, would someday learn his lesson
    And the poor would never have to give it up!

    It’s Robin Hood…
    It’s Robin Hood…
    Take from the rich and give the poor, it’s Robin Hood!

      1. I’m glad you saw it – LOL!! I had such a fun time making it and thought all along your icon for Jim Groom looked suspiciously like The Undertaker – ha!!! Finally – all those hours having to watch that with my husband had paid off –

  2. This is amazing, and it reminds me of NoiseProfessor’s The Wild Bunch, but animated. Which makes me think the Wild Bunch animated can be my contribution to this beautiful genre, and I need to know how you did it in Final Cut Pro—this is a Summer Project now. I love you—you are madly talented!

    1. I’m going to do a tutorial for this one. It might be a big jump into FCP, but I’ll do my best to keep it focused on only what matters. I’d really love to see you put something together.

  3. oh wow for sure – I need the tutorial – I wanted to do something like this with another film I’m working on. I love this one too. I must confess I saw your comment this morning and didn’t know what you meant as I have never seen the brady bunch. i suspected it was something like this.

    I love too how the inspriation spreads – it just rolls on and on – the best thing about ds106

  4. Stunning. How did you go from Final Cut Pro into Photoshop? Nice work. And the resolution is so clear which mystifies me since this is such an old movie. We should make animated gif Saturday nights a tradition… first coined by Lou McGill.

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