1. I’m using Quicktime 7 Pro to select clips from movies. With Perian and Flip4Mac, Quicktime can open just about any flavor of codec.

    Once a movie file is open you can use the basic keystrokes of “i” for an in point and “o” for an out point. I also use the left and right arrows to move frame-by-frame before setting the in and out points.

    After that you can edit > trim, but I find it easier to create a new Quicktime movie so I can keep working on a movie. It’s really simple to create a new clip. With your in and out points set, it’s copy, then new, and then paste. The short clip can then be saved as a stand alone .mov.

    I tried John Johnston’s Movie2GIF, but have ended up preferring to use Photoshop which I’m pretty accustomed to. I’m not doing much more than basic image size changes and save to web to bring up the GIF options for saving.

    That’s it and a big love of the trove of clips to be found in old SciFi!

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