Preparing for Silent Cool Hand Luke

Every since I saw Alan’s post about Artsifiying Youtube Videos and the Return to the Silent Era assignment, I was pretty sure I wanted to do it. And it’s been helpful to see some students have done the assignment, particularly Kill Me Silently Baby! which I find really captures one of the major genres of silent cinema – vaudevillian slapstick.

So I’ve decided to make an attempt at the slapstick by remaking the 50 eggs scene from Cool Hand Luke.

YouTube Preview Image

I’ve already downloaded the video and starting some cutting in Final Cut Pro. I also created this title card, and a blank one that anyone is welcome to use.

I’m using Photoshop to create the cards, and I’ve used the Shit Happens font from, but I’ll need to find others for the dialogue.

As for music, I’m planning to use Dueling Banjos, which I believe will provide initial tension as the bet is made with the slow parts, and the fast paced playing during the contest itself.

Finally, I’m hoping to speed up the pace of the whole film (this reflects the 18 frames a sec used in silent films) and push it through an app on my iPhone called 8mm Vintage Camera to antique it.

Lots of work to do here, so I’m hoping to find the time!


CUNY Week 8 – So You Want to Make a Movie…

cc licensed ( BY NC SD ) flickr photo shared by Michael Branson Smith

With the rest of ds106 we are going to be jumping into making videos for the next few weeks and we had a fun start with the #ds106xtranormal blitz in class. I think that there was some really interesting re-envisioning of dialogue in – It’s Just a Cigarette, There is No Me and You and Don’t Touch My Radio. All of the language for these clips have a lot of aggression and cursing, so there must be something in the robotizing of posturing that’s disarming and humorous.

I’ve decided that following the UMW plan to do a film analysis and some video assignment pre-production is going to be a good one so I’ll summarize the assignments here, but you can look at the full description on ds106 as well.

Assignments for this week:

1. Choose a favorite film that you believe exemplifies quality filmmaking for its compelling writing, directing, cinematography, art direction, acting, and editing. Jim Groom suggests looking at AFI’s list of the 100 Best movies of all time for inspiration (good advice).  For the film you choose, pick three scenes that exemplify your beliefs about the film and blog about it. For analysis tips, consider Roger Ebert’s ‘How to Read a Movie.’ Be sure to embed screen captures and/or video clips for each of the three scenes in your blog post. Tag this post ‘analyzethis’ (no quotes).

2. Because ds106 video assignments will require added technical skill compared to the design and audio assignments (think combining them actually and you have video assignments), we are going to do a little pre-production for this first week. Select two video assignments and create a blog post for each describing how and what you will need to make the video. UMW suggests Return to the Silent EraVintage Education Video, Opening Credits Redux, Play-by-Play, Plinkett Review, Make a Scene from a Horror Film, and Redub a Movie as good assignment choices.

Make sure that the assignments you choose will be ones you will want to complete next week, as that’s the next step. For each of these posts tag them ‘preproduction’ (no quotes).

In class next week we’ll be playing with a number of the tools you can use to create videos, so I’m looking forward to coming up with a blitz assignment for us to practice.