I finally got to do some Photoshop kung-fu to encourage Jim Groom to commit to his personal call to action made during the “No SOPA For You” broadcast a couple of weeks ago. Jim described that he’s leaving ed tech to go fight corruption in Washingtion. I think Andy Rush and Tim Owens must of hit a nerve during that broadcast in which they passionately spoke of the evils of the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA). It was an inspiring broadcast.

Jim mentioned his preference to act locally and affect change, but I’ve been talking with a team and they seem to feel you’re ready for the big time. We’re going for it all.

Jim we need you to bring the Freedom Tower, destroyed in Liberty Park on the evening of the “Arrogance of Power,” and have Congress fund a new Freedom Tower to be planted a top the US Capitol Building. Through this tower we can broadcast the DS106 Radio and it will be a beacon for free information and culture sharing. For your country, for freedom, we need you Mr. Groom.